Which baitboat should I buy

With some many bait boats available on the market today, each with their own features and specification and varying in price from £300 to £750 its difficult to know which one to purchase.

The major manufacturers such as Angling Technics and Viper have some of the best boats available. 

Angling technics currently have 4 boats on the market, the standard baitboat, the microcat, the procat and their newest addition the technicat. Angling Technics customer service is second to none. Should you have any problems with their products they will repair or replace your bait boat very quickly. The Angling Technics Microcat is a very good boat, powered by jet pump engines and with a big bait capacity its a very good option for a bait boat. It can also have the Angling Technics fish finder system fitted which is a really neat gadget. Their latest addition is the Technicat. Whilst it has a very big bait capacity and is on of their largest boats. Its a bit of a let down that it has probs rather than jet pumps, especially for the cost of the boat. 

Viper also have a number of baitboats on the market. All Viper boats have jet pumps as standard and are construction from ABS plastic which makes them very strong. Full of features as standard you may want to consider the Viper Mk3 which is a good all round boat, or if you travel to France or fish larger waters then you might want to consider the Euro. Its basically a Mk3 but slightly larger, can carry more bait and has bigger engines. If the Mk3 and Euro are slightly out of your price range, then the Viper Icon might be for you. The smallest of the Viper boats it can still carry 1kg of bait and is fast with its jet pumps. The Icon retails for £350 which is a good price for a boat of this quality. 

Other boat options are Total fishing gears Patriot which we don’t really like although it is supposed to be basically unbreakable, or Grandslams Atom or Waverunner. 

So as you can see there are many options out there and chosing the boat that suits your needs is important. If you want some more information such as reviews and specifications then you can visit this baitboat website which is packed full of information. 

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