Inflatable fishing boats

I love to fish. The open air, the quiet, the solitude; it all adds up to a good time.  Even better if I catch fish!

For years I fished from the shore because I couldn’t afford my own boat.  I also had the problem that I couldn’t keep a boat at my house (HOA) and didn’t want to pay the storage fees.  I had a friend with a boat that I could use anytime he was going, but I was sitting on shore if I wanted to go alone.  Then I discovered the inflatable fishing boat.  Unpack it, blow it up and get on the water! 

Inflatable fishing boats are incredibly easy to use.  Made of very durable lightweight rubber, they are surprisingly durable and difficult to puncture.  The best part of an inflatable fishing boat is its versatility.  No trailer necessary, so you can get it to those harder to reach water spots.

Seaeagle.comInflating the Boat
Some fishing boats use an external foot pump or a battery operated pump can be used for quicker inflation.  Some have a built-in air pump and can actually be inflated while on the water.  Even the manual inflation boats are ready to use very quickly.  Simply lay the boat out and start pumping!

Propelling the Boat
You pretty much have two options; oars and motors.  As you can imagine, using even a small motor requires a much sturdier boat and puts a damper on the portability.  Oars will usually get you anywhere you want to go and do it much more quietly.

Some inflatable boats require the  use of bottoms boards, but these are nothing but strips of wood that go into the bottom of the inflated boat to increase stability.  These boards also increase the likelihood that you will puncture your boat while installing or removing them.

Deflating the Boat
Think the opposite of inflation.  Generally you will spend about 10 minutes getting the air out of the boat when you are finished.  If you are using an air pump, you can get the job done much faster.

The bottom line is that an inflatable fishing boat is a great investment.  Costing much, much less than a traditional boat and being more convenient to transport makes them an attractive alternative to fiberglass.  Although the cost is low, spend some time in your search and maybe spend a little bit more to get a quality boat that comes with a guarantee.  Your inflatable fishing boat will be a fantastic investment that you enjoy for many years.

Pontoon Fly Fishing Boat
A lot of lakes across the U.S. offer great fishing spots, and this is often even more so for the angler equipped with a dedicated, versatile, and portable pontoon fly fishing boat.

Share Your Inflatable Fishing Boat or Suffer!
As an additional benefit, you’re going to find that when your inflatable fishing boat is in this position, the interior and the outboard motor will be protected from the elements.

The Benefits of Inflatable Fishing Boats
Inflatable fishing boats are great yacht tenders/camping boats that are light enough to be carried in a backpack. Some 8-foot inflatable fishing boats are good for two and gear, and are large enough to float in moderate whitewater.

Flexible Fishing Boats!
Now even though these boats are still popular, some fishing enthusiasts are searching for alternatives to this expensive investment, and are now turning to the inflatable fishing boat, also known as the fishing kayak.

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